Friday, 25 April 2014

Custom ELearning – Replace the Empty Mind with an Open One

Education and learning scenario has seen enormous changes in the past years. People have changed their perspective towards it. Even the medium has changed. No longer have people completely depended on class room studies or bookish knowledge. In fact internet is, at present, one of the most vastly used means for acquiring knowledge.

Elearning is one such mode of educating people which is being favored by many. In this rapidly progressing world of science and technology, being aware of the improvements in technology, research and development and science is must, irrespective of the age and work background. This is why e learning suits people who are working and busy, yet want the added benefit of being educated little more than the others.

One of the most unique approaches many business corporate and companies are adapting is custom e learning. Custom online learning is an extensive solution to learn about a particular topic apart from the normal course of subjects. This kind of learning is being offered by many online education institutes.

Custom Learning is an added advantage to your business where you can learn little more about your industry. The studies are crafted according to your organizational requirements by proficient people of similar fields.

You might ask how such learning courses help you. For example, your organization is booming in its business dealing, but you might feel that your employees should understand the vastness of this little more elaborately. This is where you approach e learning institutes who are capable to design a comprehensive guide and study material in line with the organization’s needs and standards.

This will help you and your employees to realize their goals and visions again in full. Custom online learning not only enhances the knowledge but also is totally cost effective. Also it is not time consuming.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Basic Facts about the Design and Development Process OF Custom E-Learning Solutions

Tridat Technologies

Over the past several years customized learning solutions have become quite popular amongst business organizations seeking effective and easy methods for enhancing the skills of their workforce. However, custom elearning is a bit more expensive than the regular e-learning programs. This is because such courses are designed and developed for the use of an individual organization only. Given the fact that every organization operates in a unique manner and has specific business strategies and processes, it is not possible to replicate the customized learning for the use of other businesses. However, despite the initial high investment these courses can be used by the individual organizations for several years to train countless employees, proving extremely cost effective. READ FULL STORY