Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Getting Familiar with the Factors That Are Critical for the Success of Off the Shelf E-learning Courses

E-learning has come a long way to become a popular choice of who want to enhance their knowledge and skills at their own pace and level of comfort. While a lot of e-learners opt for custom designed course that meet their specific learning needs, there is also a growing demand for off-the shelf courses that impart general knowledge about specific skills and concepts to people from diverse backgrounds. In fact, it is quite common for an off shore software development company to take on the projects for development of such courses. 
elearning off the shelf courses mumbai
The success of off the shelf e-learning courses depends on a various factors the most important of which are listed below.
  • They should have a clear objective and clear vision which is in accordance with the knowledge that the course is meant to impart. 
  • The content should be focused and well-structured and divided into small sections to make for easy understanding and retention.
  • Companies developing e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai should contain regular test modules to help trainees evaluate their level of knowledge and ability to implement the same.
  • There should be enough interactive features to make up for the lack of a proper classroom setting and a real instructor.
  • Just like any other product, these courses need to be marketed in a proper and extensive manner to ensure their success.
  • The courses should exclusively specify what they teach and who all are eligible to use them with regard to their basic knowledge and even experience.
  • Since most off-the shelf courses offer general information about topics, they should stick only to the basics concepts to avoid any complications for users.
Designing an off the shelf e-learning program keeping the above things in mind, will ensure that it offers an effective and easy to use solution for people who are seeking only the most basic knowledge about topics.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

M-learning: Innovative learning Technique

A survey has shown that corporate have identified the certain skill gaps in their employees. They are ready to provide adequate training to them but on the cost of sufferance of work. So here groups want a tail and a head together while tossing the coin only once. This is possible with our m-learning technique i.e. mobile learning.
 mobile application Development Company
Tridat is a mobile application development company which develops mobile applications as per the requirement of the corporates. We can make applications for various platforms, right from android to IOS to windows to any other platform.
 mobile apps design
The uniqueness of the mobile apps design is that it can be used at work focusing mainly on the skill based requirement or performance based requirement. And who is not a mobile savvy in this world. Everyone will like such mobile apps where learning can be sought with fun.
 mobile learning
Tridat designs game based learning apps which are not just focused on scoring highest, however, certain other qualitative measures are also taken into consideration. So in a quest to win the game, the employees learn the required qualitative skills which are identified as gaps by the corporate.
 game based learning
Our team has the expertise to make various apps whether it may be animation based, interactive videos, podcasts and many more which can work on various platforms. The combination of creativity and technology can do wonders and we have started delivering the same. You are just a call away from us. Identify your need and gives us a call. We will take care of delivering an end to end solution for your need. You can also drop us an email describing your expectations and we ensure a timely reply to you.

Friday, 23 January 2015

E-learning for Kids – Learning made more enjoyable

E-learning is experiencing unprecedented growth in today’s age and will continue to grow more in the future. Unlike the kids in previous generations, kids today are technology savvy and they have their own ideas of how they want to use it for learning. And also there are numerous options available in e-learning for kids. In the past decade many online companies have come up with trusted and convenient tools for learning that help change the way kids learn.
 e learning for kids
Teaching young kids is not an easy task. They lose interest in a particular thing quite soon and have very short attention spans. But it is necessary that kids are taught things early in life that provide a strong foundation for their future education. That is why e-learning for kids’ courses are a beneficial option. They provide with variety of online educational tools and resources and create a fun and interactive atmosphere to keep kids engaged while learning
e learning kids
Data taken from surveys conducted in the recent years in schools and other institutions and with input from students, parents, institution administrators, and teachers, point that e-learning kids tend to be more interactive than the kids during traditional class room teaching. They are frustrated about the lack of technology in their schools.

Advantage of e-learning is that online resources are offered free or for low-cost compared to traditional courses. Students from remote areas with fewer facilities can benefit easily from e-learning resources. Also, kids who learn in both the traditional way and online have been proven to outperform kids who do not have access to online resources.
 e learning for kids courses
E-learning for kids can be a very flexible option of learning since the educational content can be accessed from any place at any time. With the availability of internet in most households and easy accessibility to productive, educational contents in the web, e-learning is an integral part of education for kids today.

Off the Shelf E-learning Courses- A rising trend

E-learning market has seen steady growth in the past decade. Technology, internet, bandwidth, usage of phones and everything has changed dramatically in the recent years. Today, online training is required for everything we do and anything built in the past is old and boring. Even in India off the shelf is becoming increasingly popular. For innovative, modern and engaging new age video-based training, one can look at e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai.
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Useful in corporate trainings

Whether it is IT training, industry compliance programs, project management courses, or any other skills, companies need to train their employees on a regular basis. To establish that, organizations need off the shelf e-learning courses. Any offshore software development company today offers thousands of online courses, e-books, and web content in a variety of subjects and keep adding more day to day. These companies partner with branded publishers to produce contents in popular topics such as management, health care, etc. All these criteria added with expert mentoring, IT certification material with practice exams; make these courses an indispensable product for companies, especially the corporate training industry.
These off the shelf courses are the best and practical options for employee training because these are cost-effective (they are even less expensive than custom built e-learning courses) compared to the instructor-led courses. They also have the advantage of being able to be deployed quickly and these are also less time consuming comparatively.
 e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai
One disadvantage of off the shelf courses is that not all time does a company get what it exactly wants. This approach works only when the course offered, and branding meets the needs of the company. And that sometimes don’t happen in which case companies need to turn to custom course development.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

E-learning Solutions – Transfer Knowledge efficiently and effectively

In today’s fast world with advanced technology developments and availability of internet and with increased competition in everything and a need for continuous development and learning, e-learning companies worldwide are gaining momentum. E-learning involves the development of learning tools using IT to enable learning to happen anywhere any day and at any time. Through e-learning it is possible for a student in America to take lessons from a teacher in India; students can even get masters or management degrees from top Universities without having to shift places.
e-learning solutions
E-learning in India
E-learning companies in India offer affordable, innovative e-learning solutions to various industries, schools and colleges. According to a recent survey the e-learning market in India is around 400 million US Dollars. The market is expected to grow further since, large number of major industries and educational institutions are adapting to e-learning.
 e-learning companies in India
E-learning may even prove to be cheaper than classroom teaching taking into account criteria such as cost of faculty, infrastructure, travel, and salary. According to Tata InfoTech, an internal study of IT education and training company, around 35 percent of cost saving can be done by organizations through e-learning in comparison classroom teachings. It also comes with several advantages such as increased participation because people can learn at their own pace in the comfort of their houses and it also decreases the pressure on the faculties. Some e-learning initiatives at University level and corporate levels are showing promising results.
 e-learning companies
Though e-learning is certainly a boon, the retention rate is very low. The western countries where e-learning is more established, even today face a dropout rate of around 70 percent in comparison to actual learning and in countries like India it is still larger. In spite of all this, e-learning is definitely bound to grow in the coming years.