Thursday, 24 July 2014

Blended Learning: An Revolutionized tool for Teaching

Blended learning solution is a perfect blend of the classroom and online learning. It is a cost effective means of dodging the classroom environment and getting into the online mode of studying, which encourages the student engagement in the learning material. For an effective blended learning, all one needs is a disciplined study. This results in an integrated and effective learning for the students. This learning methodology is available is available for all degrees, disciplines, student sizes and student preferences.
The first and the foremost objective of this elearning service is to get together the best of both the worlds- online teaching and face to face teaching. Thus, during the teaching sessions, instead of using presentations for explaining the concept the lecturer can engage the students in problem solving activities; thus handling their queries in a better manner. Also, this learning module can be completed at any point of time, there is no time barrier. The students as well as teachers can teach and learn anywhere, by using internet. This learning module has become a way for compensating the limited space in the classroom. Thus time and space constraint is definitely eliminated.
This approach helps the teachers as well as students to allocate their time in the most judicious manner. When teaching is done through this module, both the teachers as well as students gain digital fluency. Their technical skills are augmented to a high level, which also aids in performing a host of other activities through the online module. There is the presence of faculty development as they get the opportunity to experiment with a whole range of pedagogies and thus meet the expectations of the student in a brilliant manner. 
To conclude, the blended learning combines content, technology and pedagogy in a balanced manner to formulate a successful path of learning for the students. There is also a reduction in the cost of studies, when blended learning methodology is adopted.

Friday, 11 July 2014

E Learning Courses for Kids – Helping Children Cope With High Competition Levels

Modern day education system is significantly different from what it used to just twenty years back. The widespread use of internet and technology in schools and other educational institutions has made education not only extremely fast paced but also quite sophisticated. Most kids today learn how to use a computer even before they have outgrown their pre-school days. Given this fact, it is not surprising that e-learning for kids is becoming increasingly popular.
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The e-learning courses in general are known to be quite effective in helping the learners retain concepts and topics. The e-learning for kids’ courses are designed to teach the children in an interactive and fun filled manner. These courses often contain animated content which is narrated in the form of a story so that the children do not feel bored or disinterested. Moreover, the courses also questions at the end of every topic to help children access what they have learnt. There are also separate assessment test which cover entire chapters and topics to test the understanding and learning ability of the kids. 

It is a well-known fact that the impact of audio-visual learning is far greater than simple text book lessons. This concept is fully exploited in the e-learning courses meant for kids, which is why they are so effective. Moreover, these courses help in inculcating the habit of learning by trial and error as kids are free to make mistakes without feeling embarrassed or having the fear of being reprimanded for the same. 
Given the abundance of kids learning websites, it is important for parents to analyze the content and the method of teaching of the shortlisted websites to select the best one. Most such websites offer a free trial program that enables children to learn one or two topics for free. This helps the parents to access the quality of the content and the instruction style of the website prior to registering with the same.
Most websites also enable parents to view the topics covered for a particular standard before asking them to sign up for the complete program. These facilities are not only way of promoting the e-learning websites for kids but also helping parents to choose the one they feel would prove most beneficial for their child.