Friday, 21 October 2016

5 Things To Be In Mind Choosing E Learning Website for Kids

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”  - Jennifer Fleming

In the internet age, where technology changes even before you become efficient in the previous one, deciding what to teach your children sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming. School knowledge is definitely not enough to keep your little ones up to date with the changing learning trends and that is why E-learning websites for kids are becoming very popular nowadays.

With the emerging demand, there are many e-learning websites and e-learning for kids courses have spruced over all over the internet. In order to make the right decision for your little wonders, keep in mind these factors :
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1.      Set Your Goals

First and foremost is listing down the things that you have been meaning to achieve with this course. See for the time that your kid would be able to devote each day for the course. For how long would he need to catch everything that has been taught. Do you want to go for self paced or live online classrooms? The answers to these questions would help you narrow down your search.

2.      What Would Be Your Role In The Learning?

Just as the course should be compatible with your goals, you also need to identify what role would you be playing in the whole course because it is not just the goals, but the burden should be as less as possible on you. Easy customisable courses, which are easy to understand, needs to be your utmost choice.
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3.      Offline Or Online Learning

Many e-learning websites offer downloadable modules which could be accessed without internet. Such modules are easy as internet bandwidth may vary and hence can hinder a continuous learning process for your kids.

4.      Learning Modules

The most important factor is the learning module offered. Special effort needs to be put before finalising the module. The module should be user friendly and the language should be easy to grasp. With attention span of humans shrinking down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, the module needs to be engaging enough so as to keep your kid interested in the classes all round. The module should be such that learning does not seem forceful to the kids.
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5.      Do Not Run After Features

In the quest to find the perfect e-learning solution for the kids, I have seen many parents running after more and more features, irrespective of the fact, whether these features would come in handy or not. The only important thing is that whatever your kid is learning, it needs to stick. Rather than burdening him with 100 extra features, make him learn one thing which would remain with him all his life.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 Ways Game Based Learning Helps In Improving Performance Of Workforce

“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!”  - Cammy Bean”

Any normal human being, be it a student or an adult, gets bored when he is made to sit in order to learn something new. The corporate training is a great challenge for the companies that are trying to bring a new skill in their company. Learning methods thus play a key role in the level of interest of individuals involved in corporate training.

Game Based Learning, which is learning through playing, is so far the most creative way and has enhanced the learning process in past few years. Those responsible for training know that game based learning is important and here are the reasons why it is gaining so much traction.
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Games Capture Interest
Games pose challenge to an individual and hence manage to engage interest from the student for a longer duration of time. Each participant gets an uncontrollable urge to win which keeps him motivated to learn. Gamification programs aims at skill development by maintaining a perfect balance between his existing skills and a challenge posed by the game to enhance those skills. The difficulty level increases depending on student’s progress.
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Games Are A Unique But Effective Way Of Learning
Game based training ensures high productivity, sharper memory of what is learnt; better understanding and practical knowledge, as well as high self-confidence rates in employees. Part of the success is attributed constant and personalized feedback given to students, giving them an opportunity to access their progress and make amends as per required.

Games Provide A Secure Environment
Sending an individual directly to field leads to mistakes and hence customer dissatisfaction. Game based learning offers a virtual environment where real life problems are solved. In this course, mistakes are happening with no real risks involved.
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Games Are Educational
Serious games are educational in nature. They create a field for you on your device where you can try different things, fail a multiple times, learn from them and finally get it right and move to the next level. It is more or less like being trained in the field. In order to cross levels, you might need to study a lot than you think but the addiction of beating the opponents would make the adrenaline pumping.

Games Support Soft Skill Learning

Soft skills cannot be learned through books and theories. These are something acquired by experience. Serious games make the learning of such skills feasible and allow students to interact with real life situations in a virtual environment. As a result, a more productive learning can happen and soft skills can be acquired with much ease.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

10 Steps To Develop A Custom Elearning Course

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that, What you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” - William Pollard

In the present competitive environment, this rule becomes even more relevant. Companies are putting a great effort in creating a constant learning environment in order to improve the skill set of their workforce and make them the drivers of growth of the company.

Custom elearning courses are becoming extremely popular these days. Companies are hiring professionals to create custom learning modules for the employees of their companies, keeping in mind the organisational and business needs.
 Custom Elearning
Here is list of steps that need to be followed before creating a custom elearning course. However, before you start creating anything, you need to ask yourself these questions:

1.      What skill are you catering to?

2.      How would this course be used?

3.      What are the issues you are trying to address through this course?

Steps To Create A Custom Learning Module

1.      Interact with the clients and all the employees of the organisation. Try to understand the lack in skill that is required the most for the growth of the company. Create an outline of the course and take a final go ahead.

2.      Ask your customers these three questions :

        What needs to be learned? For example, how to create a business presentation or how to improve task management skills etc.

        Who needs to learn? This will help you have an understanding of the learners and hence can help develop a personalised learning experience.

        What are the prerequisites of the course?

3.      Time span of the course and that of each class. This would help break the course in different modules.

4.      A clear learning objective or the end result of the whole course is an important ingredient that helps the developer of the course in picking the relevant content for the course.

5.      Create Grading and Assessment items in order to help the employees as well as the organisation a better understanding of the progress of the learning process.

6.      Making the course as per the industrial standards so that it can be used in any learning management system or browser.

7.      Informing the employees of the technical requirements that are needed before starting this course.

8.      Explain how to take the course through clear directions before the learners start the course.

9.      Adding copyright information would help protect the material from wrong usage.

10.  Make the course interactive by asking for feedback and continually improving upon the course.

Friday, 26 August 2016

5 Trends In Skill Development As A Result Of Advent Of E-learning Solutions

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi

No matter in what industry you are, if you want to survive and grow at the same time, you need to keep learning new skills. If you are looking for exponential growth in your career, e-learning solutions are what you need. Skills development through elearning is becoming a hot priority in the market. There are many elearning companies in mumbai that provide easy to understand self paced elearning solutions all over India.
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All this has led to following trends in skill development:

1.      Do Any Course In Any Language

A country where such wide varieties of languages are spoken, elearning solutions are like a blessing in disguise. Now the same course can be accessed by anybody in the language they are most comfortable in. Elearning is giving rise to a skill development trend not only in sophisticated Metropolitan area but the simple rural area where people can learn new things in their native language and can increase their income avenues.

2.      Do The Course And Immediately Spread The Word Through Social Linking

Nowadays, elearning companies provide a provision of linking the skill you learned to be visible in the job profile sites such as, linkedin etc. This helps in automatic updation of your resume and hence much better job opportunities in hand.

3.      eCertificate Is The Proof

You have done the course but what is the proof of it? Well! You earn the certification when you do a course which comes to you through email. Imagine you are sitting at home at your comfort and earned a certificate which comes to you. This is the easiest way to enhance skill and is helping a lot of people in updation of their job profile.

4.      Grading and Assessment
The elearning courses not only helps you to enhance your skill but also helps you in accessing your performance against other peers. The grading and assessment is an important part of the whole skill development process as this would push you further to put an extra effort in order to do better.

5.      Time Management

As elearning courses are self paced classes. It need both time management and dedication in order to complete a skill. Skill development is no more a spoon feeding process rather a self motivated process of growing oneself.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Understanding The Advantages Of Developing Custom E-Learning Solutions For Your Business

E-learning has come to play a major role in keeping employees within a business organization updated and well informed about the latest technological and other developments in their specific niche. Whether you are running a small or medium venture or own a major business organization, enhancing the skills and knowledge of your workforce through regular training sessions is extremely essential for maintaining consistent business growth and profitability. With custom e-learning solutions developed in accordance with your specific business needs, you can be assured of getting better results in terms of employee skill enhancement and satisfaction.

Discussed below are some important advantages offered by these solutions for your business.

Get Training Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Business Niche
When you choose custom e-learning solutions, you can opt to include scenarios and examples that are specific to your industry. This helps trainees to understand the impact of their actions and decisions in a realistic environment. Moreover, the trainees are able to relate to the content being taught in a better manner besides which they get a meaningful feedback even while they are still in the process of learning new concepts and technologies. The learners feel inspired as they are able to visualize the benefits of the learning experience in a foreseeable future.
 Custom Elearning
Reduce Training Costs In A Significant Manner
Investing in custom e-learning courses brings down the training costs in a specific manner. You no longer need to seek the services of professional trainers having appropriate expertise in your specific business niche. In addition, you do not need to spend money on renewing licenses or maintain fee and royalty costs. Even the initial amount you might need to invest for the development of a customized program will be recovered over a period of time, while you can still continue to take benefit from the programs for several many years.

Goal based Feedback And Assessment Tools

You can actually choose the type of assessment and feedback tools you want to include in the course based on your specific training objectives. This helps you to check whether or not the e-learning program is helping the trainees get educated about the core ideas, skills and information in the expected manner and also if any aspect or section of the program needs to be modified for getting better results. In addition you can easily get the course updated to incorporate any changes that might be necessary in keeping with the changing business scenario, policies or even the objectives. These updates can be done as frequently as you like and in a cost effective manner. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Benefit Of Selecting MLearning Programs

Corporate education is taking on a new form, namely that of learning through a wide range of mobile platforms. It is increasingly being recognized as an easy and cost effective means for the employees to gain information about the various aspects of emerging technologies relevant to their niche. Not only has the number of Smartphone users increased rapidly over the past several years, but the share of internet access through mobile devices has also grown by a significant margin. This has further fueled the trend of mobile learning amongst the corporate workforce.
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Discussed below are some advantages offered by mobile learning courses over the traditional web-based e-learning programs.

·         Accessing learning content through mobile devices comes very naturally to most people using such devices as they are familiar with common functions such as watching videos and listening to music. This means that the trainees do not need to invest time or money in familiarizing themselves with a new delivery device.

·         It is possible to create mobile learning content using faster and latest authorizing tools within a limited time and budget. These programs can also be developed using the media elements from existing e-learning programs to not only reduce the costs of the program further but also to enhance its appeal and level of interaction.
 M learning India
·         Contrary to what most people believe, M learning India is not just an extension of e-learning services. These courses feature smaller modules that are designed keeping the limitations of the mobile platform in mind. These modules generally have minimum text, prominent graphics and audio and video content to make the learning interesting and engaging.

·         Most mobile learning programs are developed to work across multiple devices, including tablets, laptops and even computers. This helps in saving both time and money as the same content can be used across different devices in a hassle free manner.

·         M learning programs can be used almost at any time and any place according to the convenience of the users. They are helpful in training even those employees who cannot take part in time bound or place bound training sessions due to various reasons. Most importantly they enable the trainees to learn at their own pace which ensures better retention.

·         With Mlearning programs, managers do not need to worry about organizing training sessions on a regular basis, which ensure that they are free to focus on the core administrative tasks. This in turn helps in enhancing the overall productivity and growth of the organization while also improving the necessary skills and knowledge of the employees.  

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Understanding The Difference Between Traditional And Modern E-Learning Solutions

Learning is an integral part of corporate work environment and is essential for not only the personal growth of the workforce but the enhancing the success rate of the organization on a whole. With the changing times, there has been a significant change in the learning processes and methodologies used by employees within an organization. While there are some organizations that still follow the traditional ways of enhancing the knowledge and competence of their employees, most organizations gradually adapting the latest e-learning techniques for the training the employees. However, in order to better understand the benefits of opting for e-learning solutions, it is important to first know how they differ from traditional methods.
Traditional methods of learning are generally based on trial and error methods wherein the employees are allowed to learn by doing things and committing errors. These methods, unlike the e-learning processes do not focus on imparting training and education to the employees about specific topics and concepts that make them capable of overcoming the various work related challenges in a confident manner.

Traditional methods use the age old student teacher approach to training which most employees find not only too childish but even extremely boring. On the other hand e-learning uses interactive teaching methods which ensure better understanding and retention for the trainees, who communicate with the trainers individually. In fact, the friendly approach of the trainers makes the training sessions extremely productive and beneficial.

The traditional approach of imparting training to the employees by setting up classroom sessions is generally quite expensive. This is because the organizations not only need to arrange an appropriate space for conducting the classroom sessions, but also have to pay a hefty fee to the trainers for every individual session. This is not so in case of training provided through e-learning programs.
 Elearning Solutions
Another major point of difference between the traditional training methods ad modern e-learning is related to provision of latest content. In traditional training, organizations have no means of ascertaining whether the trainer is offering training about the latest strategies and concepts. However, opting for the programs offered by the best e-learning companies in Mumbai, India, automatically guarantees that the trainees get to learn about only the latest topics as applicable within the organization.

Finally, the traditional training methods do not offer any flexibility in terms of imparting learning solutions as per the needs of individual employees. However, e-learning programs are highly flexible in this respect and can be adjusted according to the specific learning needs of even a single employee or an entire team within the organization.