Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Make your Employees Learn with an Easy Method!!

With the newest progression of technology on a daily basis, it is imperative for every person to match up his or her knowledge with the world in order to stay ahead from every contender. Moreover, if you own a business or organization training becomes the indispensable element in your success. Every business owner knows that to achieve better productivity from his employees, knowledge up gradation is must on a regular basis. However it seems quite intricate for everyone to allocate spare time from hectic working schedules and it is also not possible to attend night classes after spending the whole day in office or board meeting. The only and the best solution to beat this problem is custom e-learning that not only provides you the flexibility of timings, but the convenience of gaining education from anywhere.
The courses of custom elearning are constructed according to the necessity of the learner. In this way, it not only facilitates in imparting knowledge to employee but also fulfills the employer’s motto. The popularity of e-learning is not only increasing day by day but the quintessence is also improving with the new solutions to meet the needs of organizations. It is a customized and cost-effective approach that does not require huge budgets and provides complete freedom to the trainee to learn anytime, anywhere as it is unhindered by geographical and time obstacles.
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Nowadays, with the domination of smart phones in everyone’s life, many companies are developing training content specific to mobile to proffer their trainees with impeccable opportunity to learn anytime. The content can be accessible from various platforms like RIM, windows and android. Game based custom e-learning is the most interesting way to teach the aspirant with the beneficial content that is integrated with the captivating game.

So, if you feel the need to provide training to your employees, contact a professional service provider for e-learning!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Does eLearning Courses help you to Acquire Knowledge?

As the generation, business ethics and management and lifestyle are changing in India, education system is also taking a huge leap. People today are concentrating more on gaining knowledge rather on the mode. This is the main reason why online training or online teaching institutes have become very popular.
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Online teaching has changed the traditional, class room studying process and has brought forth modern methods and instilled latest technology to go with it. Gone are the days when you had to depend only on theoretical awareness, where single day of absence meant to lose a day’s worth of knowledge, where time management was important etc. eLearning has overcome all the barriers and presented a more nourished and unique way to impart knowledge.
Tridat India
The good features of eLearning do not end with this. In fact one of the profound factors why online learning is attracting everybody is the uniqueness in the courses offered. The e learning courses are choreographed in such fashion that you gain the information in the most creative way yet in the shortest of time frames. Also, there are many eLearning courses provided that is not included in the usual class room or academic syllabus.

Few of the e learning courses that are frequently being enrolled in are fundamental of finance and accounting taught with real business situations and practices, custom learning – a course where you get a chance to opt your own subjects, blended learning- a combination of modern and traditional method, professional skills like etiquette, soft skills and communication, Sales and Marketing, environmental health and safety and lot more varieties to grasp.
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The e-learning course gives an insight to the subject you want to learn, do not consume your life style or job, cost effective, time effective and finally a package you definitely cannot resist. This is the only way where you can learn something out of the box.

Friday, 16 May 2014

An ample Opportunity to enhance your Knowledge - ELearning

E learning has evolved in the last couple of years. It has given a totally new meaning to education. The fact that many eLearning Service providing Institutions have come up is the proof to how people irrespective of their age, status and work background have started considering education seriously.
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In fact, the methods and techniques used and incorporated in eLearning are more advanced and highly technical when compared to class room learning. It does not mean we are disregarding class room or regular academic courses. It is of great importance for students to get groomed and educated. But, eLearning are for those special people who do not have time and place to attend a regular shift.

Online Learning has tremendous advantages apart from this. You need not worry about the completion of course on time, have a greater chance of understanding the subject, cost effective and finally, it is the most comprehensive and constructive way to acquire knowledge as it follows visual and graphical way of teaching, with live examples and more of practical problems to solve rather than focusing on boring theories.
Tridat Technologies
E learning Services include Custom learning, Scenario Based learning, Simulations, Mobile Learning, Game Based Learning and Blended Learning. Also, one of the benefits of online learning are you can choose your own subject to learn and in your preferable language. Moreover, today most of the services are tailor made which caters to the needs of the clients and corporate. This kind of magnum facility cannot be found anywhere.

An eLearning Service which is gaining attention from many seekers is Blended eLearning. This is a inclusive method of education where both conventional and modern approach is followed. Blended Learning is a combination of Class Room training and online learning.

Blended eLearning helps you to structure your own course and time and helps you to acquire knowledge from both environment, a class and visual studies.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Get-Set-Go for Game Based Education!!

Game based training is the most effective and simplest mean to teach by high-tech game applications on internet and mobiles. An aspirant can not only learn but also relate this experience with the situations of real life by game based learning that are constructed with the perfect equilibrium of relevant subject learning with game play.

It is a general notion that learning is only limited with memorizing, but it is not true. The comprehensive route of game based training comprises the utilization of obtained skills appropriately according to the situation. As every game contains a fantasy factor, so the player can easily grasp the subject matter by an interesting storyline. Inspiring and efficient games are used in providing performance based training.

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Learning through online medium has ended all the limited physical boundaries of classrooms for both learners and educators. Once considered as the right of affluent persons, now education can easily get from any part of the world through cloud based m-learning applications with a touch of a single button. M-learning applications are used in mobile phones to deliver educational training to mobile users. Not only mobile phones but m-learning hardware incorporates tablets, net books, handy PCs, etc.

Game based education facilitates you to attain information easily while accomplishing your routine works. You can get the lessons while traveling from one place to another, in the cafeteria while waiting for friends or in the comfort of your own bedroom sitting in pajamas. So, now you do not need to spend your precious time listening to bore lectures in a classroom, you can muster your information with an enjoyable manner.

Game based learning applications are not limited with a set prospectus. It means that you can have your needed knowledge on any subject, any topic, and anytime with the most captivating approach!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Ultimate eLearning Service which can Change the Way of Education

Life is a learning process and at present, e-learning is one of the most convenient ways to acquire knowledge and intelligence. All you need is a computer set up and internet connection, a place to accommodate yourself and the zeal to learn something new and there you go; no can stop you from anything. In the past, distant education and e-learning was considered a fad or unimportant.

Today, people’s perspective is changing because of which on the internet, you will find many reputed and well established Online Learning Institutes.  There are tremendous benefits if E-learning courses, such as

·         You can work in any part of the world and learn
·         Flexible timing and cost effective
·         Interesting courses which are not related to academic course
·         Better focusing power as e-learning is taught at an individual level
·         More procurement of self knowledge

In addition to all this, eLearning Services is vast and dynamic. Apart from the regular courses and academic subjects, e learning solutions also include other important aspects such as environmental studies, professional skills, etiquettes, soft skills and personality development.

Blended eLearning is the new face of eLearning service. The best fact of eLearning is that the source and mode is huge when compared to class room studies. For example, today we have entrée to many electronic devices such as PCs, Laptops, smart phones and tablets. The concept behind Blended learning is to utilize all these effectively to teach and gain knowledge.

This can definitely be achieved by introducing various tools of learning. You can now learn your favorite course through your smart phone or i-pad with custom learning program. Or no time to read; then with the audio guide, you can opt to listen to study course when working or cooking You can opt for different combinations of online learning programs such as part audio, part visual or part visual- part text through blended learning.