Friday, 20 March 2015

E-learning for kids- To educate them with the help of internet

The internet is one of the most powerful tools that are available today. It can be used for a lot of different reasons and one can also use the internet to gain knowledge. It’s all about finding the right links and sites to help you bolster your mind.
 e-learning for kids
Nowadays, kids have a lot of access to the internet and in many of the schools in the country; they aren’t receiving the sort of hands-on education that will help them learn more. That is where the role of e-learning for kids comes in. With Tridat, children today will be able to harness the power of the internet to study.
 e-learning for kid
It employs more than 250+ working class professionals to help educating students and help them think beyond the limits of their classroom education. We utilize the latest methods in teaching kids and are available on various platforms. Kids today are bought up in an environment where technology surrounds them. If not tended properly, they could use these gadgets and gizmos in the wrong way and that would be a shame as they aren’t utilizing their immense power for their benefit. With mobile apps as well as online courses, students need not to worry about not gaining the right sort of knowledge.
Children love to be entertained while studying and with the help of Tridat, we maximize fun and learning to make sure that the students enjoy the subjects that they study. The material is very simple and easy to understand and the usage of images and colourful pictures just makes it a different experience for these students.
Kids will receive education that will help them stay ahead of the pack as well as stimulate their brain in the right way. So, use the power of the internet in the right way and watch results turn your way.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Elearning courses- A way to the radiant future

Education is one of the most important aspects that one receives in their lives. It is important that students are educated so that they can be a useful and contributing member of society. A person does not stop being a student throughout their life and there is always some sort of learning or the other thing taking place at all times of one’s life.
 elearning courses
With the advent of technology, integrating it into major parts of our lifestyles is natural. Earlier, students used to learn with a teacher and a classroom. However, with the power of internet, comes a brand new way of studying called e-learning.
Tridat is one of those companies that specialize in various forms of elearning courses. With mobile applications to mainframe application services, software and technology staffing solutions, you can now delve in to the various forms and study with the help of an internet connection.

We offer some amazing tech to ensure that you get all of the learning that you need and our quality standards are very high. We offer content, production as well as development of technology so that we can provide the best for our enthusiastic clientele. Our services are not only limited to the students of schools and colleges as we can also cater to the businesses and corporate who are interested.
 elearning courses
There are more than 250+ dedicated skilled professionals who we have employed under our wing to help students get the best out of our services and with the experience on the team, no problem is unsolvable and we can guarantee results with our methodology and work ethics.

So, don’t restrict yourself from learning beyond your capacity or interests. Get all the education you need with the help and power of the internet and Tridat- The finest e-platform for you.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mobile apps design – Effective learning while on the move

Mobile phone subscriptions worldwide have been increasing at a robust rate where almost everybody today has access to a smart phone and internet. The ubiquity and rapid development of mobile technology has had a positive impact on learning as m-learning can be an extremely viable option of education and training. Mobile learning can come in handy in a way traditional education or even computer based learning can’t. You can learn on the move.
Mobile apps design is now a major rage and more and more companies are coming forward with apps containing educational content that one can access on the go. It saves a lot of time, energy and money since these apps are provided for free of at relatively low costs which can easily be afforded. But designing the app needs a certain level of expertise. The way the app looks also plays a major role in the success of the app.
 mobile apps design
We are a premiere mobile application development company and design content for corporate companies to enable their employees to access training content through their mobile devices, tablets or other hand held devices. Beginning with quick animations, presentation videos, podcasts, tests, assessments and task-oriented interactive learning, we have a team of experienced professionals who are trained to provide the best mobile learning courses available in the market.
 Mobile Learning
Furthermore, in addition to providing off-the-shelf mobile learning courses, we also provided customized course work on demand. We understand that each company is different with a different set of goals and objectives and hence cater to your specific audience by providing tailor-made courses that are easily updated and serve their purpose for a long time.

Drop us an e-mail or call us today for an end-to-end mobile learning experience.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

E-learning Services – Making learning effective for prolonged period of time

E-learning is the next ‘big thing’ in the training industry attracting large amounts of investments from corporate industries, schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Whilst potentially considered a thread to the traditional methods of teaching, e-learning is definitely a positive step for the delivery of quality learning. E-learning has enabled learning to already reach new heights in the corporate management agenda and in institutions. In fact, Elearning services, today, is said to deliver faster results and a more consistent understanding of the study materials when added to the traditional classroom teaching.
 e learning services
E-learning is generally consists of two subgroups: Education and Training. Even though the course materials may seem similar at times, the key differences lie in the end goals of the connecting participants. Information presented over the internet can be accessed by instructors and students in different geographical locations via their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. The rapid growth of the internet and technology served as the catalyst for the phenomenal of growth of the e-learning industry into what it is today.
 e-learning services
In today’s times when people have very short attention spans and tend to lose interest quickly, an hour of monotonous classroom training is considered boring. We realize that today’s learning requires technology infused methods that offer a comprehensive learning journey and prepare contents that are useful for the future. We develop custom e-learning courseware with a perfect blend of e-learning solutions and classroom teaching with instructor led training materials.
 Elearning services
Apart from this, we also develop specific guide-books for self-training to keep the learning active, interactive and to make a marked impression on the learner’s mind. We take care to make course work that would remain relevant for a long time. Our services also include:

§  E-modules for pre-learning and post-learning efficacy
§  Off-the-shelf, custom designed FLPs

We help in creating better learning and retention at affordable rates.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mobile Learning – Changing the Way We Learn

For every one person who accesses the internet through a desktop computer or a laptop, two people access it from a mobile device. Today, a maximum percentage of the world population has access to a mobile device connected to the internet. Mobile phones changed the way we live and now, mobile technology is changing the way we learn by making learning accessible, and flexible for students from anywhere at any time.
 mobile learning
Mobile learning basically is the use of mobile technology, either as a standalone technology or in combination with other information and communication technology to change the face of educating. Learning from a mobile device can unfold in a number of ways; they can be used to access educational resources online, interact with other people or create their own content. Several educational institutions are adapting affordable mobile technologies for teaching and learning purposes.
 mobile learning education
A research by UNESCO in a number of areas such as mobile learning policies, mobile reading, etc. has provided with results that describe the numerous educational advantages of using mobile technology. Using portable computing devices with the available wireless networks enables learning to extend into places beyond the traditional classrooms. Also, even in a traditional classroom teaching mobile learning provides with increased learning opportunities.
mobile application Development Company
Mobile applications for learning are created by mobile application Development Company. Numerous successful multiplatform apps have been created that are exceptional in every way possible. They also make apps for clients that are tailored to match their specific needs, beginning from custom coding to final finished design. Ranging from startups to big enterprises all companies look for a mobile app for their businesses. You just have to take these ideas to the mobile application development company and they create the best user-friendly apps for you.