Friday, 21 October 2016

5 Things To Be In Mind Choosing E Learning Website for Kids

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”  - Jennifer Fleming

In the internet age, where technology changes even before you become efficient in the previous one, deciding what to teach your children sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming. School knowledge is definitely not enough to keep your little ones up to date with the changing learning trends and that is why E-learning websites for kids are becoming very popular nowadays.

With the emerging demand, there are many e-learning websites and e-learning for kids courses have spruced over all over the internet. In order to make the right decision for your little wonders, keep in mind these factors :
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1.      Set Your Goals

First and foremost is listing down the things that you have been meaning to achieve with this course. See for the time that your kid would be able to devote each day for the course. For how long would he need to catch everything that has been taught. Do you want to go for self paced or live online classrooms? The answers to these questions would help you narrow down your search.

2.      What Would Be Your Role In The Learning?

Just as the course should be compatible with your goals, you also need to identify what role would you be playing in the whole course because it is not just the goals, but the burden should be as less as possible on you. Easy customisable courses, which are easy to understand, needs to be your utmost choice.
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3.      Offline Or Online Learning

Many e-learning websites offer downloadable modules which could be accessed without internet. Such modules are easy as internet bandwidth may vary and hence can hinder a continuous learning process for your kids.

4.      Learning Modules

The most important factor is the learning module offered. Special effort needs to be put before finalising the module. The module should be user friendly and the language should be easy to grasp. With attention span of humans shrinking down from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, the module needs to be engaging enough so as to keep your kid interested in the classes all round. The module should be such that learning does not seem forceful to the kids.
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5.      Do Not Run After Features

In the quest to find the perfect e-learning solution for the kids, I have seen many parents running after more and more features, irrespective of the fact, whether these features would come in handy or not. The only important thing is that whatever your kid is learning, it needs to stick. Rather than burdening him with 100 extra features, make him learn one thing which would remain with him all his life.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

5 Ways Game Based Learning Helps In Improving Performance Of Workforce

“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!”  - Cammy Bean”

Any normal human being, be it a student or an adult, gets bored when he is made to sit in order to learn something new. The corporate training is a great challenge for the companies that are trying to bring a new skill in their company. Learning methods thus play a key role in the level of interest of individuals involved in corporate training.

Game Based Learning, which is learning through playing, is so far the most creative way and has enhanced the learning process in past few years. Those responsible for training know that game based learning is important and here are the reasons why it is gaining so much traction.
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Games Capture Interest
Games pose challenge to an individual and hence manage to engage interest from the student for a longer duration of time. Each participant gets an uncontrollable urge to win which keeps him motivated to learn. Gamification programs aims at skill development by maintaining a perfect balance between his existing skills and a challenge posed by the game to enhance those skills. The difficulty level increases depending on student’s progress.
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Games Are A Unique But Effective Way Of Learning
Game based training ensures high productivity, sharper memory of what is learnt; better understanding and practical knowledge, as well as high self-confidence rates in employees. Part of the success is attributed constant and personalized feedback given to students, giving them an opportunity to access their progress and make amends as per required.

Games Provide A Secure Environment
Sending an individual directly to field leads to mistakes and hence customer dissatisfaction. Game based learning offers a virtual environment where real life problems are solved. In this course, mistakes are happening with no real risks involved.
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Games Are Educational
Serious games are educational in nature. They create a field for you on your device where you can try different things, fail a multiple times, learn from them and finally get it right and move to the next level. It is more or less like being trained in the field. In order to cross levels, you might need to study a lot than you think but the addiction of beating the opponents would make the adrenaline pumping.

Games Support Soft Skill Learning

Soft skills cannot be learned through books and theories. These are something acquired by experience. Serious games make the learning of such skills feasible and allow students to interact with real life situations in a virtual environment. As a result, a more productive learning can happen and soft skills can be acquired with much ease.