Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Next Gen Educational Institute – E-learning

As we all know, today technology has advanced so much that people are not following the traditional way of teaching and learning. Learning, which is an integral part of a man’s upbringing, has become more interesting and enthralling. E- Learning is definitely marking its place in this virtual world.

There are many e-learning companies in India which provide complete package of courses, solutions and services for individuals, institutions and for the corporate world. Learning takes place at every aspect of life. So why not e-learning: a faster, more colorful and dynamic approach to learning? So, how do these companies help us? E-learning service includes producing a modern and unconventional learning solutions and courses, computer application services and developing software for customers.

The solutions provided by the companies are custom elearning – crafting solution which matches organization’s needs; blended learning – a combination classroom learning and electronic learning useful for students; scenario based learning – a process where real life scenarios from work or school is replicated and solution is provided; game based learning; simulations – studying based on scientific theories and strategies and mobile learning –through mobile devices by downloading applications in smart phones.

E-learning companies in India’s clients include educational institutions and business corporate. Schools e- learning courses varies from universities’. They provide constructive learning courses in finance, accountings, mathematics and other subjects and also on various grooming matters like creative thinking, interviewing skills, personal development and soft skills etc. corporate e-learning include induction training, process training, performance management, quality training, sales and marketing and much more.  Corporate are majorly benefited through e –learning courses where employees’ growth and performances are determined.

Many such companies in India have been incorporated in the recent years. One of the most advanced e-learning companies in Mumbai is Tridat technologies. Their vast services include Learning Solutions, Software Solutions, Technology Staffing, and Mainframe IT. And their products include SKILLDOM, SKILLDOM LMS.

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