Saturday, 4 April 2015

Simulation-Based Education Solutions- A New Way to Learn

Simulation based education can impart practical knowledge and experience to the student just like real on-job training or being actually present in the situation can. This will help increase the student’s confidence manifolds.

It makes use of electronic and computer technology, internet, satellite technology, video-aided learning, interactive audio and video sessions, screen based simulation, intranet etc to make the learning experience more entertaining and fascinating for the learner. E.g. A pilot can be first trained on a simulator and then on an aircraft. This reduces the risks involved and increases the chances of a safe experience for the beginner.
Simulation Based Education Solutions can be of great importance as it has the following advantages:

1.      It aids interactive learning without involving any risk to the patient in the fields of medical education and research and nursing.

2.      Students can learn and practice without fear of causing any harm to the patient.

3.      As it engages the learner more in comparison to the text-book learning, better response and more active participation can be expected from the learner.

4.      The level of retention of the content taught is also always more as the learning process is appealing and entertaining for the learner.
5.      Complex learning material can be made simpler by the use of custom games or simulation environments.

6.      A person can perform a set of activity multiple times without the use of actual machinery. This helps the student practice more and be more trained and confident with the live machinery or equipment.

7.      Simulation based learning is often cost effective as it does not involve the use of actual machinery repeated times for the purpose of practice. In addition, it also reduces the risk to actual equipments which need precautions while handling and are expensive.

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