Monday, 18 January 2016

E Learning For Kids – Transforming Education

Competition has crept into all walks of life today, as more and more people try to make their mark in various niches. This is why one needs to be trained from the very start to not just be a part of this competitive environment, but also ace it. This training begins with the children and there is a need today to transform not just what they are taught, but also how they are taught. E learning has hence cropped up as a necessary tool to impart such training to kids.
E Learning For Kids

How Elearning Works
Elearning is a concept of both imparting education and imbibing it, which is aimed at bridging the gap between the traditional ways of teaching and the contemporary learning needs of kids. With computers and gadgets becoming a common sight in homes today, it’s the kids who pick these up first and are able to learn to operate it in no time. E-learning for kids makes use of this very phenomenon and transforms written theory lessons for kids into pleasing audio and visual exercises, which are easy to grasp and repeat. In addition to this, pictures and sounds feed the imagination of kids much better than words, and thus children are able to visualize what they study and absorb it better.
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The Power Of Interaction
An important advantage which these elearning courses and modules have over the traditional ones is that they are not just sullen and draught paragraphs of theory or questions in books, but are rather interactive. As an example, while a history lesson in a traditional book would tell a reading child that Edmund Hillary scaled the peak of Mt Everest, an advanced elearning module would impart the same information through a visual of the climber climbing the mountain. This way, the child can click on the screen to get more information and be interactive with the course.

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