Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Go Mobile with m-learning!

In today’s world, don’t we all need everything on the click of a button?! Whether it is the grocery for our homes, or information about a beautiful holiday destination in another part of the world, or about coming up with innovative ideas for the benefit of the tech savvy corporate individuals. Everything is just “on the go”!

Especially with the various new mobile apps designs developed by a large number of companies, one need not even go to their desktop; everything is now available at the most convenient device – our mobile phones!
 Mobile Learning
Come to think of it, this device has become the most important part of our lives and a related innovation that has definitely taken a hot seat this season is Mobile learning!

M-learning is nothing but learning, sharing content, exchanging feedbacks, tips, etc almost instantly at this tiny device that is available with almost every individual in today’s world. 

This idea has found its place in the corporate and has gained popularity in the recent times.
 mobile apps design
We must know that some mobile application development companies are working rigorously for implementing this idea at any workplace and Tridat technologies is one such organisation.

Tridat Technologies is a customer focused company, which focuses on;

  • Providing training/orientation to the employees as and when required, at their convenience on their devices.
  • Game based learning to teach the employees certain skills or impart knowledge in a particular field 
  • Developing apps to encourage the healthy competition among the employees and also include rewards for motivation
  • Provide easy to access resources that can work on almost any device the employee brings to work i.e.; ios, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices

So if one is looking for a learning solution or a creative app, the quest ends here!

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