Friday, 12 September 2014

Why e-learning is so effective?

E-learning has become a rage these days due to a number of reasons. There has been a considerable increase in the number of e-learning service provider in the country. In this article we would decode the reasons for such a great popularity of the e-learning services and their effectiveness. Read further:
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1.      Cost of the material
This is one of the significance of the e-learning courses that the cost of the material used in these courses is very less. There is no establishment cost which is needed in  case of the real learning.
2.       Enhanced productivity
When it comes to e-learning there is no limitation due to location. Any number of individuals can attend the same course from different parts of the country at the same time. So, the productivity is at its heights. You can get more with less of the cost involved.
3.       Standardized learning
When it comes to classroom learning the standardization of the course seems impossible due to facilitators being different and also due to the direction in which the class may move. But in the online learning, there is a presence of consistency as well as standardization. What is taught to one person is similar to what is taught to the other person.

4.       Real time access
There are cases where people fail to complete a course due to lack of time for attending the classes for a particular course. This problem is done away with the advent of such e-courses. As these courses being online can be attended at any time from anywhere; the people are protected from the trouble of aligning their work schedules for the training program.
5.       Personalized learning
This is one of the main reasons for such an effectiveness of this course. When the individuals undertake this course they get the freedom to mould the course in accordance with their convenience. This kind of personalised learning is particularly preferred by those individuals who possess an urge to learn but feel the lack of time.

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  1. I love to read your post as they are unique and relevant. It is true elearning is a great tool for education, healthcare and corporate sector. As digital leaning is become common , the communication between teacher and learner and LMS is a beast.