Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Unraveling the Truth behind Some Common Myths about Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is a relatively new concept and like all innovative concepts, its advent has also led to several myths being propagated about the same. Some of these myths and the facts about them are detailed below.

  • Mobile Devices are Not Powerful Enough for E-Learning
While this myth might be applicable to older generation mobile phones, it is absolutely false in case of modern day Smartphone technology. These devices are not only large screened enough to ensure comfortable m-learning but also powerful enough to offer the same speed ad efficiency as PC’s and laptops.

  • Mobile Don’t Offer a Standardized Content Delivery Platform
This myth is completely untrue as most modern day mobile devices offer easy accessibility to Internet, which is the largest and the most popular content delivery platform. Moreover, mobile learning companies take care to create mobile apps design that run smoothly on wide range devices using different platforms.
mobile apps design

  • Learning with Mobiles Can Be Distractive
This myth has generated from the fact that mobile today offer a variety of features. However, the fact that personal computers and laptops offer an equal chance of distraction while learning is conveniently ignored. It is common for a mobile application development company to use interactive programs and courses to retain user attention. 
mobile application development company

  • Mobile Are Costlier and Hence Inaccessible
Many people feel that given their small sizes, mobiles are comparatively more costly and hence are not accessible for common people. However, the tremendous advances in mobile technology as well as the growing competition in device manufacturing have reduced the price of these devices to the extent that today most people can easily afford a Smartphone.

  • Mobile Content Is Boring
There is no denying that fact that learning is generally dull and boring, which is perhaps why mobile learning providers are experimenting with the concept of game based learning. This enables the users to grasp even the most difficult concepts in an easy and fun-filled manner while also ensuring greater retention of interest.
game based learning

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