Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Things to Consider While Designing Off the Shelf E-Learning Courses

E-learning is fast becoming a popular choice for most people across the globe. This has resulted in a significant rise in the number of companies offering wide range e-learning courses. At the same time there has also been a rise in the number of people using off the shelf e-learning courses as compared to the customized ones. In order to beat the growing competition in this field, it has become extremely important for companies creating such courses to focus on some important factors which are listed below.
 Off the shelf elearning courses
  • An offshore software development company needs ensure that the course is designed to be engaging and can gain and maintain the attention of the end users from start to end.

  • The course should contain enough a balanced mix of animation, text, audio and video content for conveying information in an interesting and effective manner.
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  • It is important to offer interactive learning through a large number of practice assignments to enable the learners to better understand key concepts.

  • While, the course should clearly state the level of prior knowledge that users should have, it should also cover those concepts in brief at the very beginning for better understanding.
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  • For maximum success, e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai should offer a personalized look and feel to the users rather than a usual dry and boring look.

  • It is also essential to ensure that users are able to easily navigate between pages minimizes any chances of the user becoming frustrated, bored or even leaving the course.

  • Most importantly the companies developing off the shelf e-learning courses need to make sure that they put appropriate and informative content rather than decorative graphics.
 elearning off the shelf courses mumbai
Even if an off the shelf course is not able to offer all the above mentioned features, the developers should try to include most of them to ensure that the user feel satisfied about having invested in a course that offers them good value for money.

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