Tuesday, 13 January 2015

E-learning Solutions – Transfer Knowledge efficiently and effectively

In today’s fast world with advanced technology developments and availability of internet and with increased competition in everything and a need for continuous development and learning, e-learning companies worldwide are gaining momentum. E-learning involves the development of learning tools using IT to enable learning to happen anywhere any day and at any time. Through e-learning it is possible for a student in America to take lessons from a teacher in India; students can even get masters or management degrees from top Universities without having to shift places.
e-learning solutions
E-learning in India
E-learning companies in India offer affordable, innovative e-learning solutions to various industries, schools and colleges. According to a recent survey the e-learning market in India is around 400 million US Dollars. The market is expected to grow further since, large number of major industries and educational institutions are adapting to e-learning.
 e-learning companies in India
E-learning may even prove to be cheaper than classroom teaching taking into account criteria such as cost of faculty, infrastructure, travel, and salary. According to Tata InfoTech, an internal study of IT education and training company, around 35 percent of cost saving can be done by organizations through e-learning in comparison classroom teachings. It also comes with several advantages such as increased participation because people can learn at their own pace in the comfort of their houses and it also decreases the pressure on the faculties. Some e-learning initiatives at University level and corporate levels are showing promising results.
 e-learning companies
Though e-learning is certainly a boon, the retention rate is very low. The western countries where e-learning is more established, even today face a dropout rate of around 70 percent in comparison to actual learning and in countries like India it is still larger. In spite of all this, e-learning is definitely bound to grow in the coming years.

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