Friday, 23 January 2015

Off the Shelf E-learning Courses- A rising trend

E-learning market has seen steady growth in the past decade. Technology, internet, bandwidth, usage of phones and everything has changed dramatically in the recent years. Today, online training is required for everything we do and anything built in the past is old and boring. Even in India off the shelf is becoming increasingly popular. For innovative, modern and engaging new age video-based training, one can look at e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai.
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Useful in corporate trainings

Whether it is IT training, industry compliance programs, project management courses, or any other skills, companies need to train their employees on a regular basis. To establish that, organizations need off the shelf e-learning courses. Any offshore software development company today offers thousands of online courses, e-books, and web content in a variety of subjects and keep adding more day to day. These companies partner with branded publishers to produce contents in popular topics such as management, health care, etc. All these criteria added with expert mentoring, IT certification material with practice exams; make these courses an indispensable product for companies, especially the corporate training industry.
These off the shelf courses are the best and practical options for employee training because these are cost-effective (they are even less expensive than custom built e-learning courses) compared to the instructor-led courses. They also have the advantage of being able to be deployed quickly and these are also less time consuming comparatively.
 e-learning off the shelf courses Mumbai
One disadvantage of off the shelf courses is that not all time does a company get what it exactly wants. This approach works only when the course offered, and branding meets the needs of the company. And that sometimes don’t happen in which case companies need to turn to custom course development.

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