Wednesday, 11 March 2015

E-learning Services – Making learning effective for prolonged period of time

E-learning is the next ‘big thing’ in the training industry attracting large amounts of investments from corporate industries, schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Whilst potentially considered a thread to the traditional methods of teaching, e-learning is definitely a positive step for the delivery of quality learning. E-learning has enabled learning to already reach new heights in the corporate management agenda and in institutions. In fact, Elearning services, today, is said to deliver faster results and a more consistent understanding of the study materials when added to the traditional classroom teaching.
 e learning services
E-learning is generally consists of two subgroups: Education and Training. Even though the course materials may seem similar at times, the key differences lie in the end goals of the connecting participants. Information presented over the internet can be accessed by instructors and students in different geographical locations via their smart phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. The rapid growth of the internet and technology served as the catalyst for the phenomenal of growth of the e-learning industry into what it is today.
 e-learning services
In today’s times when people have very short attention spans and tend to lose interest quickly, an hour of monotonous classroom training is considered boring. We realize that today’s learning requires technology infused methods that offer a comprehensive learning journey and prepare contents that are useful for the future. We develop custom e-learning courseware with a perfect blend of e-learning solutions and classroom teaching with instructor led training materials.
 Elearning services
Apart from this, we also develop specific guide-books for self-training to keep the learning active, interactive and to make a marked impression on the learner’s mind. We take care to make course work that would remain relevant for a long time. Our services also include:

§  E-modules for pre-learning and post-learning efficacy
§  Off-the-shelf, custom designed FLPs

We help in creating better learning and retention at affordable rates.

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