Monday, 2 March 2015

Custom e-learning – Put Across Your Unique Message Most Accurately

Not all the time do off-the-shelf e-learning courses teach an industry specific skill you have in mind. The ‘One-size-fits-all’ solution doesn’t apply in these cases. That is why; custom e-learning courses are developed that is personalized according to your needs. It is easier and cheaper to use a pre-built e-learning course. But opting for a custom e-learning material could prove advantageous in more ways in the long run. It will be worth the investment when these courses effectively serve their purpose.
While developing your own customized e-learning course, the ability to create real time examples from actual scenarios ideally suited for your industry type could be a major advantage. It also helps your audience to better connect to the course on offer. The pre-built courses, on the other hand do not convey your company’s brand image as accurately as you expect. With custom e-learning courses development, there is opportunity to design every aspect of the e-learning course from start to finish and assure that every single word employed and graphic used is in-line with the brand image and mission and vision of your company.
These courses lead to a boost in engagement in the learners and increased motivation as every aspect of the course designed is relative, informative and interactive. Also, a well-developed custom course can be used repeatedly various times for various users. The upgrading of these courses would also be cheaper and easier. In India, companies have emerged that develop custom e-learning courses in Mumbai. The process takes longer to build and hence the company should have good pre-planning in addition to proven audience interest. These courses in hindsight provide with better learner oriented results and are definitely worth the money spent.

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