Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mobile apps design – Effective learning while on the move

Mobile phone subscriptions worldwide have been increasing at a robust rate where almost everybody today has access to a smart phone and internet. The ubiquity and rapid development of mobile technology has had a positive impact on learning as m-learning can be an extremely viable option of education and training. Mobile learning can come in handy in a way traditional education or even computer based learning can’t. You can learn on the move.
Mobile apps design is now a major rage and more and more companies are coming forward with apps containing educational content that one can access on the go. It saves a lot of time, energy and money since these apps are provided for free of at relatively low costs which can easily be afforded. But designing the app needs a certain level of expertise. The way the app looks also plays a major role in the success of the app.
 mobile apps design
We are a premiere mobile application development company and design content for corporate companies to enable their employees to access training content through their mobile devices, tablets or other hand held devices. Beginning with quick animations, presentation videos, podcasts, tests, assessments and task-oriented interactive learning, we have a team of experienced professionals who are trained to provide the best mobile learning courses available in the market.
 Mobile Learning
Furthermore, in addition to providing off-the-shelf mobile learning courses, we also provided customized course work on demand. We understand that each company is different with a different set of goals and objectives and hence cater to your specific audience by providing tailor-made courses that are easily updated and serve their purpose for a long time.

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