Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Mobile Learning – Changing the Way We Learn

For every one person who accesses the internet through a desktop computer or a laptop, two people access it from a mobile device. Today, a maximum percentage of the world population has access to a mobile device connected to the internet. Mobile phones changed the way we live and now, mobile technology is changing the way we learn by making learning accessible, and flexible for students from anywhere at any time.
 mobile learning
Mobile learning basically is the use of mobile technology, either as a standalone technology or in combination with other information and communication technology to change the face of educating. Learning from a mobile device can unfold in a number of ways; they can be used to access educational resources online, interact with other people or create their own content. Several educational institutions are adapting affordable mobile technologies for teaching and learning purposes.
 mobile learning education
A research by UNESCO in a number of areas such as mobile learning policies, mobile reading, etc. has provided with results that describe the numerous educational advantages of using mobile technology. Using portable computing devices with the available wireless networks enables learning to extend into places beyond the traditional classrooms. Also, even in a traditional classroom teaching mobile learning provides with increased learning opportunities.
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